Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Food for Meeting Donated to Shelter for Homeless Youth

Unfortunately, we had to cancel yesterday's meeting on very short notice. I managed to cancel the coffee and tea from Second Cup. I contacted the staff at Memorial Hall before they set up the room unnecessarily. But when I called the Loblaws deli counter, I found out that the fruit platter, veggie platter and wrap platter were ready for pickup, so I needed to pay for and pick up the food. Bernard suggested donating it to a shelter.

I picked up my 6-year-old son from school yesterday afternoon and we drove to Loblaws, where we picked up the platters of food. After driving through rush-hour traffic and a few wrong turns, we reached Eva's Place, a shelter for homeless youth ( The staff and residents were pleased to see us and graciously accepted the donated food. They were very appreciative.

This more than compensated for any inconvenience and extra shopping and driving on my part. Fellow STC members, you are part of this good deed.

Thank you for your trust in your administrative council and for your support. Together, we made the world a little bit brighter yesterday for needy youth in our community.

Jennifer (Hospitality Manager)