Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Thinking of hiring a tech writer? Check out these articles

I have links to three online articles over on my own blog.

If you have a bit of time, have a look at one or more of them and then leave a comment here on the STC Toronto blog telling us what you think -- or write your own blog post, if you've got plenty to say. I'd be particularly interested in opinions from anyone who has hiring experience.

The Rennie Charles Award

I did not know Rennie Charles, but from numerous accounts, he was a special person who gave a lot of himself to the STC Toronto chapter. A number of years ago, our chapter created an award in his memory and the cut-off date for recommendations for the award is 30th of April.

Please consider nominating someone from within our chapter - I can think of several candidates myself.

What qualities are needed in order to be recommended? Since I cannot improve upon the sentiments from the February 1998 article in Communication Times, I am having it republished here in a slightly edited form. It explains it all.

--by Sara Durning, Carla Salvador, and Kim Van Rooy

"Once again, we invite all members to make recommendations for the Rennie Charles Award.

It takes many dedicated and creative volunteers to make a chapter as strong and vigorous as the Toronto chapter, and every June we formally recognize those who have contributed to our growth and success during the previous 12 months.

For more than a decade, we have presented the Rennie Charles Award to one or, occasionally, two members who have made an “outstanding contribution” to the Toronto chapter in the current year or over the past several years. Every member is eligible for consideration, except those who have already won, and all members are welcome to make recommendations.

Rennie Charles is remembered by long-time STC members as a “dedicated leader and a good friend” and as a “sweet, delightful gentleman” who was cherished for the “ideas, support, patience, advice, and mirth” he shared with the Toronto technical writing community. He was twice the President of our chapter, an STC Associate Fellow, our director-sponsor, an STC board member, and a proud Canadian. Rennie was also one of the leaders who reenergized the Toronto chapter in 1985.

Rennie was known for constantly giving of himself to make things happen in the STC. If this reminds you of someone who has made an outstanding contribution to your STC experience, perhaps you could recommend them. Mention one or two specific reasons why you chose this person and submit your recommendation by April 30.

We will review all your suggestions and present a short list to the Toronto executive. The person or persons selected will be announced at the June meeting."