Monday, February 4, 2008

Writing and Grammar Course: Front Runner and Toronto STC Promotion

As an ongoing part of any partnership there is a need to offer support to one another. Front Runner Training has been an active partner with the Toronto STC in a variety of ways and they are continuing with that partnership by offering us promotional pricing on an upcoming course. The course titled Writing & Grammar will be held on two upcoming Saturdays: Feb. 16 & 23, 2008.

The Four Portable Rules of Grammar - John Samuels

John writes, in part:

"When I was asked to teach writing and grammar, two thoughts immediately crossed my mind. How do you teach something that is so essential, so complex, but so "to the average person" boring, without putting an entire class to sleep? The answer lay in two main ideas: I have learned more by correcting someone else's bad grammar, and people use better grammar when they talk than when they write.

I avoid teaching the language of grammar and focus on the uses of grammar.

The bulk of the course has the students write non-stop for five or ten minutes, then edit each other's work. When a particular problem is discovered, the review stops and the questions begin. Why does this not work? How can we make it work? That is, a need is created, and then the theory is taught.

The result is a set of four basic rules that students can easily recall and use whenever they write."

To learn more about John's four rules of grammar, take the two day workshop, conveniently scheduled over two Saturdays, so it won't affect your weekly work schedule!

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Register and pay now for February's course - Toronto STC members receive a 10% discount on this specific course.