Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Why enter the STC Toronto competition?

Here's what Fei Min Lorente of ON Semiconductor has to say:

I entered the 2007 STC technical publication competition because I wanted to see how our manuals compared to an international standard for good technical writing. Operating as a lone writer who has to depend on the subject matter experts to do most of the writing can make one nervous about quality. I was pleased to discover that we met the standard; it validated our documentation process.

Interested in entering? Go over to the STC Toronto site, click "Competition' in the navigation bar on the left, and find out more.

Tales from the front lines of the CMS revolution

OK -- the details for the STC Toronto November event are out. Go over to the STC Toronto site and see 'em.

Political Interchange

Still recovering from the election? Check out my latest article on what we can actually learn from politicians.